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Company Profile

Company Profile

Company nameJAPAN VAM & POVAL CO., LTD.
EstablishmentDecember 3,1968(Established as Shin-Etsu Vinyl Acetate Co.,Ltd.)
Capital2 billion yen
Share HoldersShin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd (100%)
RepresentativeRepresentative Director and President : Yoshiharu Koizumi
Productive capacityVinyl acetate 150,000 t/year
Polyvinyl alcohol 80,000 t/year
Our acquisition of ISOISO14001 January, 1999
ISO9001 October, 2001


Head Office

11-1, Chikko-Shinmachi 3-cho, Nishi-ku, Sakai, Osaka 592-8331, Japan
Tel: 81-72-245-1131
Fax: 81-72-245-8144

Sales & Marketing Department

Yusen Awajicho Building 2nd Floor,4-1, Kanda-Awajicho, 1-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0063, Japan
Tel: 81-3-6853-5630
Fax: 81-3-6853-5633


Dec. 1968Established Shin-Etsu Vinyl Acetate Co., Ltd.
Established Unitika Chemical Co., Ltd.
Aug. 1970Started commercial operations.
Shin-Etsu Vinyl Acetate Co., Ltd. produced 50,000t of VAM (vinyl acetate monomer) a year.
Unitika Chemical Co., Ltd. produced 24,000t of POVAL (polyvinyl alcohol) a year.
Aug. 1987Established the VE (carboxylic acid vinyl ester) plant.
Aug. 1992Shifted the boiler fuel from Bunker C to natural gas.
Aug. 1995Introduced the gas turbine installations (2100kw).
May 2002Integrated Shin-Etsu Vinyl Acetate Co., Ltd. and Unitika Chemical Co., Ltd.
Acquired the sales divisions of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. and Unitika Ltd., and launched as Japan VAM & POVAL Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2005Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. bought all the shares of Japan VAM & POVAL Co., Ltd. that Unitika had owned.
Became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Quality Policy

To enhance customer satisfaction,
we provide trustworthy products,
capable technology and personalized services.

We continue seeking to enhance our operational efficiency,
technology level and product quality.

Environment Policy

1. Principle

Always considering the influence on each environmental aspect in all our operations, Japan VAM & POVAL has tried and will try our best to contribute to the most important human theme: the irreplaceable earth and its ecosystem must be conserved in a healthy state.

2. Basic Policy

2.1 Environment Preservation

We try our best to preserve the environment, always concerned about our environmental impact at each step of planning, development, production, distribution, usage and disposal of products, and for our overall operations.

2.2 Continuous Improvement

We understand the influence of our operations on the environment. With this understanding, we set the objectives and goal of environmental activities, and we periodically review both our objectives and goal to pursue continuous environmental improvement.

2.3 Research and Technology Development

With all our might and main, we work on the development of POVAL, a product which is friendly to the earth and its ecosystem, vinyl acetate monomer, which is the chemical precursor of POVAL, and other chemical products including vinyl carboxylates and their production processes. We seriously consider reductions of the environmental load, such as environment preservation, energy and resource savings, and advance environmental programs.

2.4 Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We comply with international environmental regulations, environmental regulations designated by country and local authorities and other requirements with which we are in agreement, and we work towards the prevention of environmental pollution.

2.5 Employee Training and Contribution to Society

We provide environmental education and have an awareness campaign to raise environmental awareness among all our employees and members of the supporting companies. We look towards the communal society and global environment, and we seek to spotlight environmental preservation within a broad spectrum of concerns.

– Our environmental policy is open to the public –