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Applications[POVAL (PVOH)]

1.Textile Sizing and Finishing

POVAL’s advantageous characteristics

  1. superior adhesion to fibers,
  2. easiness to be membranous,
  3. high strength in membrane,
  4. high strength in holding fuzz, is used for textile processing in various sectors.


Warp Yarn Sizing

POVAL enhances the performance of efficient weaving and textile quality.

  • For cotton or rayon staple fibers
  • For polyester spun yarn, polyester/cotton spun yarn
  • For filament yarn

Textile Processing

POVAL is used for easy processing and advancing product features through hard finishing or stickiness.

  • For hard finishing of textiles
  • For linen starch

2. Paper Processing

  1. superior adhesion to fibers
  2. easiness to be membranous
  3. high film strength, used for paper processing in various sectors


Clear Coating

By applying to the surface of paper or cardboard, POVAL enhances the printing performance, smoothness, anti-friction, barrier, bending strength, tearing strength, oil and chemical resistance.

Pigment Binder

As a binder to pigment coating materials such as clay, calcium carbonate, titanium oxide, etc. POVAL offers superiority for coated paper with water resistance, picking strength, whiteness, and luster of printing.

3.Adhesives and Caking Agents

POVAL, with superior adhesion to fibers and inorganic substances, is used in various sectors as an adhesive for paper processing and also a binder for inorganic substances such as glass, ceramic raw materials etc.



POVAL is used as a paper-processing adhesive for cardboard, corrugated paper, paper tube, craft bond and bookbinding, and as remoistenable adhesive for postal stamps or labels.

POVAL is also useful to modify or denature plywood adhesives such as Urea- Formaldehyde resins.

  • Paper adhesive
  • Remoistenable adhesive
  • Plywood adhesive

Caking Agents

With its strong adhesion to inorganic substances such as metallic oxides, cement, gypsum, and glass, POVAL is used as primary binder in molding ferrite or ceramic and as a pelletizing binder for agricultural chemicals.

  • For inorganic substances
    (ferrite, ceramic binder, agricultural chemicals)
  • As mixing agent for civil engineering and construction materials
    (plaster, cement)


POVAL, with its superior surface-active performance, is used in various fields as a stabilizer in the emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate or the suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride.


  • For vinyl acetate emulsion polymerization Vinyl acetate emulsion for paper and wood work and as a post-additive
  • Suspension agent in vinyl chloride polymerization

5.Film and Molded Products

POVAL boasts superior membrane formation ability with transparency, luster, electric insulation, printing easiness, strength, and so is used for various kind of films.

POVAL’s properties against water differ according to the characteristics of the raw material. Water-resistant films are used for polarizing films, food packaging and so on. Water-soluble films are used for packaging of agricultural chemicals and for laundry bags.


  • Water soluble
    (liquid detergent packaging, laundry bags, agricultural chemicals packaging and seed tapes)
  • Water insoluble
    (polarizing films, food packaging and fiber packaging)

Molded Products

  • For sponges
  • For abrasives
  • For oil-resistant hoses


POVAL is also used in many applications for areas other than paper processing, textile processing, adhesive, dispersant and molded products.

  • Vinylon fiber
  • Acetal resin
  • Photosensitive resin
  • Soil stabilizer