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Denatured POVAL[Specialty POVAL(PVOH)]

Denatured POVAL is the general name for POVAL that has functional groups other than hydroxyl and acetate groups of general POVAL. JVP has a commercialized D Polymer, which has carbonyl groups, and an A Series, which has carboxyl groups. Many other kinds of denatured POVAL are also available upon request.

Specialty POVAL[D Polymer]

D Polymer is a PVOH that has highly reactive “carbonyl groups” as a denatured group other than the hydroxyl and acetate groups. The carbonyl group reacts with hydrazide groups and amino groups and in particular it has an especially high reactivity with hydrazide base cross-linking agents, and it can also form coatings and membrane that do not dissolve even in boiling water. It can be used to produce highly transparent gels.

Grade and Quality Specifications

  DF-05 DF-17 DF-20
Volatiles (%) 6.0 or less
Degree of Hydrolysis (mol%) 98〜99
Sodium Acetate (%) 1.5 or less
4% Viscosity (mPa・s) 6±2 23±3 28.5±3

D Polymer Characteristics

  • Water-resistant films and coatings
  • Water-based gels
  • Functionality gained from post-denaturing

D Polymer Example Uses

D Polymer Example Uses
D Polymer Example Uses

D Polymer Uses (Conceptual Illustrations)

D Polymer Uses (Conceptual Illustrations)
D Polymer Uses (Conceptual Illustrations)

Specialty POVAL Anion Denatured PVOH[A Series]

A Series is a denatured PVOH that has “carboxyl groups” as a denatured group other than the hydroxyl and acetate groups.
Because it has an ionizable group, it exhibits properties that differ from general PVOH. Many applications can be found for the reactivity from the carboxyl group.

Grade and Quality Specifications

  AP-17 AT-17 AF-17
Volatiles (%) 7.0 or less
Degree of Hydrolysis (mol%) 88〜90 92〜95 96.5 or more
Sodium Acetate (%) 3.0 or less
4% Viscosity (mPa・s) 28±3 30±3 30±3

A Series Characteristics

  • High solubility
  • Little foaming in aqueous solutions
  • Good aqueous solution viscosity stability
  • High adhesion with polyester and metals
  • Forms a complex with specific metallic salts (aluminum sulfate, etc.).

The dissolving method and other uses are almost the same as those of general PVOH.

Specialty POVAL Other Denatured POVAL

JVP is developing denatured PVOH with the following characteristics and is seeking applications for them. We spcialize in producing products that meet customer needs. Please contact us if you are interested.

Hydrophilic PVOH

This non-ionic hydrophilic group is used to make PVOH hydrophilic and it is flexible.

Hydrophobic PVOH

This PVOH has a long-chain alkyl group. It has high viscosity even at lower concentrations and exhibits thixotropic viscosity.

Ultra water-soluble PVOH

This PVOH is more water-soluble than exiting PVOHs.


JVP truly wishes to meet the needs of customers who would like us to add a particular functional group to PVOH.
Please let us know your needs.