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Sodium-free POVAL[Specialty POVAL(PVOH)]

Sodium-free POVAL contains a negligible amount of heavy metals. The principal metallic constituent, sodium (Na), is kept under 1 ppm.

Sodium-free POVAL PX Series

The POVAL PX Series is produced using our innovative method resulting in minimal heavy metal presence. In particular sodium (Na) levels are reduced to the lowest possible amount achievable by conventional manufacturing methods. The PX Series is best suited for customers using POVAL for electronic materials.

Grade and Specifications

Analysis PXP-05 PXP-18
Volatiles (%) Max. 6 Max. 6
Degree of hydrolysis (mol%) 86 – 90 86 – 90
4% Viscosity (mPa・s) 4 – 6 23 – 27
4% pH 5 – 7 5 – 7

Impure substance

Na [ppm] Max. 1

※Contact us for more information on other impure substances.
※Method of measuring PVA properties: JIS K-6726 conformity. ICP-MS impure substance amount.


  • Metals including sodium (Na) are present in very low levels because of the manufacturing process.
  • Sodium-free POVAL, like standard POVAL, is provided in powder form. Consequently, it can be dispensed and mixed for use in any desired concentration.
  • Sodium-free POVAL is best suited for electronic component materials including photoresists (photosensitive resin), dopant materials, semiconductor overcoat, electrode materials, and semiconductor polishing lubricant.